Being removed from home and placed in foster care is traumatic for a child. CASA volunteers make a difference in the lives of our most vulnerable children. Become a CASA volunteer to help a child who has been removed from home due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment. We invite you to join our family of volunteers and make a difference in a child’s life – and your own.

Support Our Cause

Each year, more than 251,000 children have the support of a CASA volunteer, but hundreds of thousands are still waiting. With your support, we can reach every child in need. Gifts and acts of charity come in all shapes and sizes. CASA appreciates and needs your support in order to serve the abused and neglected children in Bryan County. There are many simple ways to support and promote our cause!

Lift up a child's voice. A child's life.

Every child has a right to thrive. To be treated with dignity, and to live in a safe, loving home. Each year, approximately 646,000 children experience foster care in America. They are often separated from their siblings and caught up in a confusing and complicated system of social workers, foster homes, courts, service agencies and state child welfare departments. And, sadly, most of them must do the best they can to navigate this complex world without a dependable, consistent adult presence to help. CASA’s vision is to provide every abused and neglected child with a CASA volunteer.