CASA Volunteers

What is a CASA volunteer?

CASA volunteers are ordinary people who are committed to doing what is best for a child. CASA volunteers are people like you. They’re teachers, business people, retirees, stay-at-home moms, grandparents, college students; extraordinary people who want to make certain the voices of abused and neglected children are heard. No special background or education is required to become a CASA volunteer. We encourage people from all cultures and professions, and of all ethnic and educational backgrounds. All of our volunteers are trained in courtroom procedure, social services, the juvenile justice system, and the special needs of abused and neglected children.

What does an advocate do?

Advocates are appointed to an abuse or neglect case by a judge, to conduct thorough research on the background of the case and gather information that will enable the court to better understand the situation of a child. CASA volunteers get to know the child and speak to everyone involved in the child’s life, including their family members, teachers, doctors, lawyers, social workers, and others. The CASA volunteer must determine if it is in a child's best interest to stay with his or her parents or guardians, be placed in foster care, be placed with other relatives, or be freed for permanent adoption. They essentially become the eyes and ears of the court, making independent, objective recommendations regarding the child’s best interest.

Ready to Speak Up for a Child Who Needs You?

Read more about becoming a CASA here, or complete a volunteer application if you’re ready to volunteer!